ZOWA, ASMR Video Distribution Service Presents ASMR Specialized Vtuber Recommended Features

Zowa, Similar to YouTube but specifically for those who make ASMR videos. Provides ASMR VTuber Recommendation Feature.

EISYS Corp. as the owner of the ASMR Video distribution service site named ZOWA has added the Vtuber recommendation feature. ZOWA is a video sharing service site from Japan which is specifically for ASMR lovers. ZOWA is already available on various platforms such as browsers, Android, and iOS. ZOWA itself says that in its service there will be no such thing as advertisements. So, the audience can hear ASMR quietly.

Zowa Has Recommend 7 Vtubers Who Are Actively Doing ASMR Videos

7 Recommended VTubers who do ASMR Videos from Zowa
7 Vtubers who are affiliated with Zoya, ASMR’s specialized Video Sharing Service Platform

Currently there are 7 Vtubers who are present to provide ASMR to the audience such as Sakurazuki Kanon, Bicori Nonokuma, Meme Hitsuji, Raia Kurusu, Umoregi Nohana, Momo Mikado, and Anesama Daisuki. In the future, ZOWA will add another Vtuber. If you want to add their favorite VTuber, they want to be included in the list of recommendations, they can ask their favorite VTuber to fill out the following form which will be processed by Zowa:


ZOWA is available on various platforms, such as:

  1. Web Browser: https://zowa.app/
  2. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.eisys.zowa.jp.co.eisys.zowa
  3. iOS: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/zowa/id143748622

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