Zico Kemala Batin Inner Captain of POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion

POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion

POPS is ready to be present in Indonesia as the latest step in its aggressive expansion efforts throughout Southeast Asia. Starting September 19, 2022, POPS will start moving to attract Indonesians through platforms that have been enjoyed by neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion
POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion

Expansion to the country begins with collaboration with the best Indonesian talents. With the success of POPS’ multi-platform network in neighboring countries, POPS Indonesia will use a similar talent search model, as well as bring the best content and entertainment solutions to audiences and brand partners. POPS Indonesia’s video-on-demand streaming service, POPS App, will be present in early 2022 by presenting new interactive digital experiences driven by local entertainment and a variety of original POPS content ranging from music, animation, live-action, and esports content.

Combine Various Entertainment

POPS believes that the unique combination of various digital entertainment services will be well received by the people of Indonesia, as a fulfillment of the demands of one of the most promising markets in the world.

POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion
POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion

At the start of its operations, strategic development and growth in the country, POPS has appointed Zico Kemala Batin as Country Manager. With more than 13 years of experience in the digital entertainment business, Zico has contributed to the development of startup companies to large companies such as Universal Music Group, Tencent Mobility, and Alibaba. One of Zico’s biggest achievements in Indonesia is his participation in growing Joox from development, launch to monetization.

Zico Kemala Batin’s Active Role

As part of the Alibaba Group, Zico is also actively involved in the acquisition and integration of UCWeb with online media widely throughout Indonesia. His expertise in business development, strategic partnerships, and sales, among other skills, has earned Zico the confidence to take on the role. Zico has built strong connections across industries in Indonesia. POPS is expected to grow rapidly and have a major impact on the market under his leadership.

When asked about this opportunity, Zico said, “Indonesia is a dynamic market with intense competition for POPS expansion in Southeast Asia. I am honored and excited to lead this expansion because now is the right time. By using a local approach, as well as emphasizing technology and strong content, I believe POPS will become the next big thing in the Indonesian market.”

Optimistic Against Challenges

POPS Regional Operations Director, Bani Tan also admitted that he is optimistic to face a challenging journey in the future, “With the great success in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, we are excited to enter the Indonesian market and face challenges head-on. With Zico’s great support and experience, proven ‘think global act local’ strategy, and quality content that is relevant and localized for every community, we are confident that POPS Indonesia will soon be a success.”

POPS Worldwide Indonesia Expansion
Zico Kemala Batin

POPS Founder and CEO, Esther Nguyen commented, “We are very confident that POPS Indonesia will achieve its glory. With Zico’s impressive experience and connections, we are optimistic that he will be able to carry out the POPS vision in Indonesia. We believe that POPS Indonesia will develop well, such as in Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. We are very excited to expand into new markets and look to the future of POPS Indonesia.

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