Zeys’ reaction to Wann’s poor performance in Evos Legends!

Bjorn Ong, the current coach of Evos Legends, and someone we know a while ago under the name Zeys, responded to Wan’s poor performance.

Wann, the main core of Evos Legends, has been quite disappointed lately.

His inconsistent performance was a big issue for Evos Legends and he had to prepare his team for the playoffs.

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Evos Legend
Photos via EVO STV

In this regard, Zeys, coach of Evos Legends, responded to one of the adopted children who recently showed inconsistent performance.

He told ONE Esports about this a while back.

“From my point of view, One’s performance is the same as the team’s performance. It’s the team’s fault that one player looks bad,” Zace told ONE Esports exclusively.

“There is always pressure in the tournament. Whether you get good or bad results, the pressure and goals remain the same and you win the MPL,” Zeys added.

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According to him, Wan’s poor performance wasn’t entirely his fault, but the entire team.

Mobile Legends is 5 to 5, not a one-on-one fight like chess, you can’t blame just one player, you can’t blame the whole team.

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