Your Venti Is Not OP? Try this GridGames Free to Play Build! When it comes to crowd control specialist support, the first thing that comes to your mind is Venti.

Yep, this Anemo Archon is indeed touted as the best crowd control right now thanks to its elemental skills and bursts.

Even so, what kind of build is suitable for venti? Is it DPS or Support? If it can be both, why not guys!

Curious how Venti can be a DPS as well as support? Check out the build below guys!

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Because Venti has Anemo power and his ultimate deals swirl damage to enemies, that means we need a lot of elemental mastery. So that the damage infused with the Venti burst hurts even more.

The Stringless

Genshin Impact

The Stringless

That’s why GridGames advises you to use The Stringless or Windblume Ode as an alternative.

In addition to having additional elemental mastery stats, The Stringless also adds 24% damage to elemental skills and bursts to refine 1. Not bad, right?

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