Youkai Sharehouse, Feel At Home With Stealth

Youkai Sharehouse is a Summer Dorama 2022 starring Koshiba Fuka (Gourmet Detective Akechi Goro) and just finished its broadcast on September 19, 2022 yesterday. As already written in the title, the premise of this drama is about living together with youkai aka demons. Then, what is this drama like? Let’s see.

What is Youkai Sharehouse?

Youkai Sharehouse is a Horror Comedy drama that tells the story of a kind-hearted girl who is constantly hit by misfortunes, named Meguro Mio. At the beginning of the story, when he was running away from debt collectors, dumped by his girlfriend, and also tired, he fainted in the area of ​​​​the Aranami Hachiman shrine and when he woke up, he found himself in a house. A female nurse named Yotsuya Iwa had helped her and brought Mio to her house. In the house which is a sharehouse, Iwa lives with 3 other people, Warabe Utako who is the caretaker of the house, Numata Hiyo who is a lawyer, and Sakai Ryo who works at an auction house.

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At first, Mio’s presence in the house was opposed by the other three residents, who expected Mio to come out soon. However, after hearing Mio’s sad story, Iwa and Utako allow Mio to stay in the house for the night, even though Numata and Sakai are actually still against it. At night, Mio accidentally wakes up and finds that the four people who inhabit the house have a big secret. However, because he felt it was just a nightmare in the morning, then he himself was not sure what he saw.

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After listening to more of Mio’s stories, Iwa decides to teach Mio’s ex-girlfriend a lesson, and is framed for coming to the sharehouse. And when the trapping action took place, Mio realized that what she saw last night was not a dream, and she now lives under the same roof with 4 popular youkai, Oiwa, Zashiki Warashi, Nurarihyon, and Shuten-Douji. Starting from that day began his life as a member of the Youkai Sharehouse.


The first time I watched Youkai Sharehouse, I almost thought that this drama had a manga source, but it turned out to be an original story. With the Horror Comedy genre that it brings, actually the horror element itself is almost non-existent after passing the first episode, and feels more like Romance Comedy, with an emphasis on comedy. Why romance? Because in addition to the 4 Youkai who are residents of the sharehouse, this drama also has a romance sub-plot that links Mio with two men who have the potential to become love interests, namely Minaoka Yuzuru, who is the caretaker of the Aranami Hachiman shrine, where the Youkai Sharehouse is located, and Harashima. Hibito, Mio’s fierce boss at her new company.

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As already written above, Comedy is the focus of Youkai Sharehouse, with various quirks and dialogues brought out by the interactions of Mio and the Youkai she lives with. In addition to the cuteness, one thing that also adds to the uniqueness of the cuteness of this drama is a little lesson about the Youkai that appear. With stylistic art similar to horror manga or Junji Ito’s style, the audience will be given information in the form of background stories from each Youkai that appears in each episode. With an animation style like a kami-shibai, the classic stories of the Youkai will be explained, however, back to the heavy comedy that is highlighted, this storytelling itself is filled with dialogues and sounds that are difficult to take seriously, so it doesn’t create the slightest scary impression.

Finally, what’s interesting about this drama is the world background, where it is told that the Youkai themselves live among humans in their disguises, and have normal jobs like ordinary humans. What’s even more unique is that the work is closely related to the background or expertise of each Youkai, both the main 4 who are the focus of this story, or also the guests every week. With this unique background, the character of the youkai, which the audience may be familiar with, becomes another point in the ridiculousness of the story. And with this, then for the Mobidachi those who have not watched this drama, it is highly recommended to follow it, especially with a very unexpected ending at the end.

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