You can get Hero Baldum AOV for free this September

Have Hero Baldum AOV For Free On September 14, 2022

Horizon Valley will have its newest tank / support hero! Hero Baldum, The Monolith will be officially released by Garena AOV Indonesia on September 14, 2022. Before it’s released, let’s get acquainted with this Centaur hero first!

Baldum is a legendary Centaur figure assigned to guard the Abyssal Fissure from the attacks of Volkath, the Dark Lord and his Lokheim troops. Accompanied by the Cosmic Totem in his arms, as well as bones as hard as steel and muscles as tough as rock, Baldum will fight anyone who dares to destroy his homeland. Here is a complete explanation of the Bladum Hero skill:

  1. Hulking (Passive Skill)

Thanks to a very strong body, Baldum will become one of the tank heroes that is very difficult to conquer. His passive skill will provide Physical Defense of 18% and an additional Normal Attack of 20 magic damage, Baldum will become a tank hero who is not only immune to physical attacks but also magic attacks.

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