You can change the discount price to 90% for the latest Free Fire event!

This is the latest discount event for Free Fire games.

Free Fire (FF) For fans of battle royale games, there’s no end to exciting events.

Indeed, all spinners must have known that FF is hosting a special event called the present. Bouya Day!

There are lots of interesting things you and your friends can do at this event, and of course you also have lots of interesting prizes.

In addition to free diamonds and free weapon skins, you’ll also get cool backpacks and surfboards specially designed for Booyah Day.

Along with Booyah Day, Garena will also offer side events that FF players can play.

One of them is today’s event. At this event, you can get big discounts to win big prizes.

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Free fire discounts to change your destiny event

You can get up to huge discounts on this leaked event. 90% Continuously.

Event Change fate Is an event that allows players to change the specified discount price.

We will give you a discount for the first time 56%You can change the discount number with the button Change the bid number.

By removing 10 diamonds Of course, you can roll the discount box to change the discount number to a higher number.

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Players can get up to discounts. 90% If you already have a big discount, you can use this discount number angka. Continuously!

It’s very interesting. Imagine getting lots of gifts at super-discount prices.

In addition, there are prizes Bundle Booyah Day This is so cool, you can get it 60 diamonds.

not only that, 10 diamonds You can also change the items in the prize pool where the prize box changes to include other new prizes.

This is a very interesting new event. What are you waiting for? Go online now and get all the cheap stuff with Free Fire!

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