XOLUS Holds the First Female Gaming League in Indonesia, Register Here

Xolus presents Female Gaming League in Indonesia

On October 8, 2022, XOLUS presented the first Female Gaming League in Indonesia. Located at CGV FX Sudirman Jakarta, the inauguration of the FGL (Female Gaming League) was very lively because it was attended by not only the media crew, but also esports pro players and famous game casters in Indonesia.

At the press conference, Xolus expressed his desire to maximize the potential of female esports athletes in Indonesia so as not to lose to compete with esports teams which are always dominated by men. Before we go any further, it’s good to watch a short video trailer from FGL which summarizes various opinions from esports pro players and esports enthusiasts. check it bro~


FGL and Xolus Background

Background XOLUS itself is a company that has been engaged in event production vendors since 2013, and where the founders themselves have a hobby in the field of gaming and are engaged in the world of esports. FGL or Female Gaming League is an open esports competition initiated by Xolus for esports ladies teams who want to prove their ability to play esports title games.

Xolus presents Female Gaming League
Xolus presents Female Gaming League

FGL’s vision and mission and expectations

Explained by Kresna, the Project Manager, FGL wants to be a forum and a means for ladies gamers who have potential and also intend to seek opportunities in the field of esports. FGL hopes to be able to raise the standard of women’s esports teams in Indonesia so that they can compete among other women’s esports teams internationally.

In the future, FGL will strive to present career paths for women and become competent esports athletes with the ultimate goal of being able to make Indonesia proud in the international arena. In addition, FGL wants to become one of the national and international events with various championship agendas from various esports titles in Indonesia and internationally. And of course this FGL is specially organized just for female gamers.

FGL Game List

The idealism brought by FGL does not necessarily belong to FGL itself, but FGL wants to transmit it to the entire ecosystem in the country’s esports industry. Not only Media, Influencers and also community, but Publisher games are also invited to take part in FGL. This will make the ecosystem more developed and the opportunity to see potential seeds in the world of esports is wide open.

Xolus presents Female Gaming League

We can see the above from the wide list of games available at FGL in the future. there are at least 3 mobile games and 3 PC games at the beginning of this year until 2022 in the FGL list, namely;

  • Point Blank Beyond Limits (PC)
  • CS : GO (PC)
  • Audition Ayodance (PC)
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Mobile Legends
  • Call of duty Mobile

FGL Series

The FGL Tournament itself is scheduled to hold its first event in Indonesia this October. Start with Minor Series which will be held for 3 to 4 months which culminates in the event Major Series. In the Minor series, the match will begin with an online competition in order to reach a wider range of female gamers in Indonesia without being limited by distance.

Xolus presents Female Gaming League
Xolus presents Female Gaming League

What makes him happy again, the Minor Series will kick off with the PUBG Mobile game on 18-20 October 2022 with a total prize of 25 million rupiah. Later the winners of this minor series will be collected and competed again in the Major Series not only to fight for the best title, but also to show the general public that women can excel.

In the future, after several events are run, FGL will also hold a big event which is planned once a year with the title Arena Of Heroes. The scale that is carried out for the Arena of Heroes is of course very large and will become holiday together for female gamers in Indonesia.

FGL Minor Series One details

The following is complete information for Mobileague friends who want to take part in FGL Minor Series one.

Xolus presents Female Gaming League
Xolus presents Female Gaming League

FGL Minor Series Format

All female PUBG Mobile players throughout Indonesia have the opportunity to compete in the FGL MAJOR TOURNAMENT by following the FGL MINOR SERIES. Each series will be held on a different week for 4 times. The schedule list is as follows:

  • – Series 1: 18 – 20 October 2022
  • – Series 2: TBA
  • – Series 3: TBA
  • – Series 4: TBA

The top 4 positions in each series will get a slot in the FGL MAJOR TOURNAMENT which will be held in the first quarter of 2022.

FGL Minor Series Prizes

In addition, each winner of the Minor Series will get the following prizes

  • 1st Place Minor Series : IDR 2,500,000 + Ticket to Major Series
  • 2nd Place Minor Series : IDR 1,500,000 + Ticket to Major Series
  • 3rd Place Minor Series : IDR 1,000,000 + Ticket to Major Series
  • 4th Minor Series Winner : IDR 500,000 + Ticket to Major Series
  • 5th Minor Series Winner : IDR 500,000
  • Terminator Awards : IDR 500,000. (in the form of unipin credits)

FGL Minor Series basic rules

The following are basic rules that must be understood and followed by FGL participants.

  • All players must be 15 years and over. If there are players who are under 15 years old, they are required to obtain a letter of permission from their parents or guardians.
  • Matches run with a maximum of 80 players (20 teams)
  • The match is held online with a monitoring system that has been arranged by the committee.
  • The match runs with a cross system. All participants can play on Android or iOS devices.
  • The 4 teams with the highest scores in each series will get a direct invite to the Female Gaming League Major Invitational
  • All players are required to be women and are legal Indonesian citizens.

Meanwhile, the point system used in this FGL match is as follows:

Rank Points Rank Points
1 20 Points 7 5 Points
2 14 Points 8 4 Points
3 10 Points 9 3 Points
4 8 Points 10 2 Points
5 7 Points 11 to 16 1 Point
6 6 Points 1 kill 1 point

How about it, it’s obvious isn’t it, let’s register the women’s team mobileague friends at the following link

Worried about Male Jockey in FLG? XOLUS has the solution

One thing that most often happens in women’s leagues is the presence of male jockeys who play the character of the participants. This form of cheating generally occurs in matches held online or directly from the location of each participant. Xolus when asked about this already has a solution that is quite satisfactory, namely

  • Verify personal data and photos of participants during registration and before starting the match
  • This verification is done in several ways
    • Photo and or video call before the match.
    • Photo and or video call during the match.
    • Photo and or video call after the game is over.

This will at least reduce the jockeys in committing fraud that may occur. However, XOLUS and FGL themselves believe in the confidence and sportsmanship of ladies gamers throughout Indonesia and hope that they will not find cases of this fraud anywhere.

Don’t Miss The Giveaway

As a form of gratitude for esports fans in the country, FGL wants to hold a Giveaway which will later be given on the YouTube channel and FGL Fanpage. So that Mobileague friends don’t miss out, just subscribe and follow FGL’s social media for more info.

Xolus presents Female Gaming League
Giveaway from FGL

The prizes that you can get are Gaming Gear, ranging from Headsets, Mouse to keyboards presented by SADES, a trusted gaming gear provider in Indonesia. In addition to gaming gear from Sades, you can also get Unipin Vouchers from giveaways that can be used for various kinds of your favorite online games.

Stay Connected with Female Gaming League

For Mobileague friends who want to follow the Female Gaming League’s journey, you can directly follow the official accounts below

Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/FGLesports/
Website : www.femalegingleague.com
YouTube Channel : Esporttainment
Instagram : www.instagram.com/fglesports/

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