Xelo Games prepares Escape from Naraka, Mirror’s Edge with Balinese nuances

Yogyakarta never stops producing high quality works. At the beginning of this year alone, there were two cool projects that were confirmed by the two studios from the city of Gudeg. First there Coral island from Stairway Games, and second there is Kitaria fables by Twin Hearts Games. Don’t want to miss it, this time around there are Xelo Games in preparation for release Ego platform games titled Escape from Naraka.

While it’s still a new studio, the names behind the scenes at Xelo Games are the names of veterans who have long been in the industry. Games Indonesian and international. There is, for example, the name Irfan Sarwono, who previously made a career at Codemasters to produce titles Games how NETWORK and DIRT, as well as Fathur Rahman, who previously worked on the development of Forged from blood with the Critical Forge team.

Escape from Naraka

How is it Escape from Naraka This? If you’ve ever played Mirror edge, then you may know a little about the camera perspective and Style of play from Games This. Escape from Naraka is a Platform games with the first-person view. As I wrote in the title, the Bali feeling can be felt here very much Games this both from the level design and from the opponents. This is because Xelo Games uses technology 3D scan of objects in the real world to insert into Games-his.

In Games In this case, your job is to save someone you care about from getting caught by Rangda, the character who, according to Balinese mythology, is the queen of leaks. For this you also stand level after level full of challenges, traps and enemies that stand in your way.

Escape from Naraka

And how with Mirror edge, Your adventure will be more confronted as through the platform for the sake of the platform what’s in sight. To complete each level you are equipped with various skills, not only to overcome obstacles and traps, but also to fight enemies.

Interestingly, Xelo Games itself, as written on the official Steam page, only has three members to develop Games that: 1 programmer, 1 game designer and 1 artist! Developed since May 2022, Escape from Naraka should also appear in the third quarter of this year. The good news is that Xelo Games is partnering with one of the editor Europe’s top leader, Headup Games is published Games This. Headup Games was previously known for titles like the series Bridge builder, earth Atlantis, and The coma.

Escape from Naraka

Escape from Naraka ready to publish to pc, and you are ready to go Wish list to the Gamesvia its official Steam page.

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