xCloud Gaming Service Will Be Available on Safari Soon!

xCloud illustration on iPad and iOS


xCloud illustration on iPad and iOS

GridGames.ID – Recently, Microsoft is rumored to be releasing their newest xCloud gaming service for various Apple devices.

The plan is that xCloud gaming, which will be released by Microsoft for products made by Apple, will be available in the Safari browser.

So, users of Apple products can play various games on xCloud gaming via the Safari browser.

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Microsoft itself says that the games on xCloud gaming are available for almost all Apple devices.

As long as the device can access the latest Safari browser, games on xCloud gaming will be playable.

This means that Microsoft’s xCloud gaming isn’t just limited to Mac users.

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However, users of mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad will also be able to access and play games on xCloud gaming.

Then, when will xCloud gaming be available in the Safari browser?


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