Xbox Tips – How to Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $ 1 / month again and again

Before you discuss the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tips where you can get a subscription promo for $ 1 / month multiple times. You need to understand the concept of subscription on Xbox first.

Xbox Game Pass itself is a subscription-enabled feature player to more than 100. to access Games high quality on the good Xbox Games exclusive, Third party games, or Indie games. The Xbox Game Pass itself is divided into three categories:

  • Xbox Game Pass for Console: Played on console Xbox, promotional price starts at $ 1 and the following month at $ 9.99.
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC: Played on PC via the Xbox app, the promotional price starts at USD 1 and starts at USD 4.99 the following month.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Playable on console or PC, the promotional price starts at USD 1 and starts at USD 14.99 the following month and you receive Xbox Live Gold benefits.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lets you play Xbox-exclusive games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, State of Decay 2 until Third party games how Red Dead Redemption II.

Before following these tips, there are a few things you need to prepare such as:

  • Sign in to your Xbox account. If you don’t have one, do it here.
  • Jenius Card for credit / debit card information. Download the Jenius app for Android and iOS.
  • For users console Xbox One, sign in with the Xbox account above.
  • For Windows users, use the Xbox app.

Notes on the tips in this article:

  • Screenshot display and the subscription process takes place under console Xbox One.
  • Previously, Minbot had subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with a $ 1 / month promotion for the first month on their BocahKacamata19 account (April 2022).
  • This tip suggests subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with a different account, BangAdhit.
  • For those of you who have never subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can still follow these tips.

Well, originally it was Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the Xbox BocahKacamata19 account that Minbot already had expired. So when Minbot tries to play Game Halo 5: Guardian Xbox Game Pass will display a message like the one below.

The above message indicates that to play Games was ever installed through Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox account must have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription to either the Regular or Ultimate version.

When Minbot renews Xbox Game Pass subscription for a new month thereafter expired, Minbot is $ 9.99 / month console, $ 4.99 / month for PC, and $ 14.99 / month for the Ultimate version (PC and console).

So how do you keep getting the $ 1 per month promo on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and save more every month? Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have more than one Xbox account

You will be redirected to the promotion page. Click the Join Now button to join an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

You can also select Other Plans for other subscription plans or use a code to use a subscription with the redemption code.

4th Membership upgrade

Click the Next button in this section to continue subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

5. Add a payment method

If this Xbox account has never made a payment, add a payment method by clicking Get Started! Add a payment method.

6. Use a credit or debit card

Once you have a Genius card. Choose a credit or debit card payment method for easy later transactions.

Add other information starting with: (will not be shown because it will show personal information)

  • Cardholder Name (Cardholder Name).
  • Card number (card number).
  • Expired (expired).
  • CVV (3-digit identification number on the back).
  • Address line 1 (home address).
  • State (state or place of residence).
  • Postal code (zip code).

Note that Xbox services are still prevalent in America, specifically, for states and zip codes, you can only enter information from America. Minbots Advice: Use California for the state and 90267 for the zip code.

If you’d like to use other state and zip code information, click here.

7. Confirm the Ultimate subscription

After all the payment method information has been added. Click the Subscribe button to continue subscribing. Your Jenius card balance will be debited immediately. So prepare at least a minimum credit of Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 20,000 to be more secure.

8. Congratulations! You have already joined Xbox Game Pass

If successful, you will receive a notification below that you have joined Xbox Game Pass. Go to the Xbox Game Pass menu to view the catalog Games which is available.

9. View the Xbox account profile status

To check if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, select your Xbox account and look at the Ultimate sticker to the right of your profile.

10. Sign in to Xbox accounts that you couldn’t before


Now, if you want to play games from Xbox Game Pass on your previous Xbox account, switch your Xbox account and enter the list Games what’s in there Game console library your.

Later, when the Xbox BangAdhit account is already available expired, do the same steps on the BocahKacamata19 Xbox account and play through BangAdhit. So you will still get the $ 1 / month promo on Xbox Game Pass in another account (Minbot experienced it first hand).

11. Play Xbox Game Pass games


Choose one Games you want to play, for example Halo 5: Guardians. Well, you can play it right away and see that there is a Game Pass sticker on the bottom right.

Here are some steps for tips on how to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate multiple times for as little as $ 1 / month. What do you think bots

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