Xbox Series X/S Becomes The Most Successful Console In Xbox History

GridGames.ID – The high public interest in games during the pandemic has driven the popularity of next-gen consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella revealed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S became the fastest selling consoles in Xbox history.

Satya Nadella revealed the success of the Xbox Series X/S in Microsoft’s Q4 2022 earnings report.

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In its announcement, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X/S was able to surpass the achievements of the Original Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Until now, consumer demand for the Xbox Series X/S is still very high.

In fact, Microsoft admits that the company is quite difficult to meet consumer demand due to limited supply.

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Then, what is Microsoft’s plan regarding the development of the next Xbox?

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