Xbox Series X Features Will Be Present in Windows 10, Loading Faster!

DirectStorage Features on Xbox Series X


DirectStorage Features on Xbox Series X

GridGames.ID – Microsoft continues to bring gaming features to Windows 10 even though they are also currently finishing work on Windows 11.

This time, Microsoft will present an Xbox Series X feature on Windows 10 called DirectStorage.

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X feature that will be present in Windows 10 can improve the performance of a laptop or PC when used for playing games.

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Launching from Techno Compass, Windows 10’s DirectStorage feature allows games to upload their assets directly to the graphics card or GPU.

Therefore, loading time and graphics rendering will be much faster and better.

For information, the DirectStorage gaming feature was originally an exclusive feature on the Xbox Series X console.

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Then, Microsoft decided to bring the DirectStorage gaming feature to Windows 11 devices at the end of last June.

Curious about the launch schedule for the DirectStorage gaming feature on Windows 10? See the explanation on the next page.


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