Xbox and Adidas Soon to Present Xbox-Themed Shoes, Take a peek at the Design!

Adidas and Xbox Collaboration Illustration

Pure Xbox

Adidas and Xbox Collaboration Illustration

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Not wanting to lose to PlayStation, Xbox and Adidas will reportedly soon release Xbox-themed shoes.

Launching from, Xbox and Adidas are collaborating to produce Xbox console-themed sneakers that are likely to arrive later this year.

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Launching from Complex, Xbox and Adidas plan to launch 4 sneakers with 1 Forum Tech Boost series (serial number GZ3733), 2 Forum Mid retro basketball shoe series (GW7794 and GW7795), and Forum Tech series (GW2646).

Based on the leak, the Tech Boost Forum will be present in June this year.

Meanwhile, other series will be available in October and November 2022.

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Xbox and Adidas sneakers carry simple designs but still look attractive.

According to a leak from Adidas, the Xbox and Adidas sneaker will sport a black theme with some minor green texture on the inside of the shoe.

Check out the next page for a clearer picture of the Xbox themed Adidas shoe.


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