WSL Masters Week 1: EVOS and Alter Ego Sturdy at the Top of Temporary Standings

Woman Star League Season 2

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Woman Star League Season 2

GridGames.ID – The first week of the Mobile Legends tournament, Woman Star League Season 2 (WSL S2) has been held.

EVOS Esports and Alter Ego NYX successfully ranked first in the standings.

Both of them have made a total of 9 points from 3 games and are unbeaten.

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EVOS succeeded in overthrowing 7 Heaven Aquamarine (2-0), Artermis Aster (2-0), and Ngid Aiko (0-2).

Meanwhile, Alter Ego defeated Ngid Aiko (2-0), Siren Moon (2-0), and 7 Heaven Aquamarine (0-2).

Being one level below EVOS and Alter Ego, there is a Belletron Era team with 7 points.

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Even though Belletron Era is also unbeaten, the ML Ladies BTR team had a chance to get a draw when they met Siren Moon (1-1) on the last day.

Tight competition is not only at the top, but also at the bottom of the standings.

Ngid Aiko and Artemis Aster have not scored any points in the first week of WSL S2.

After going through three matches, both teams often experience defeats.

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Temporary standings for Woman Star League Season 2 Week 1.


Temporary standings for Woman Star League Season 2 Week 1.

The second week of WSL Masters will be held again starting Friday, May 5, 2022.

All matches can be watched live streaming via the Woman Star League YouTube channel.

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So, GG friends, who is your favorite team in WSL Masters this time?


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