Wow! These 4 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends are Revamped. Will Be OP Or?

GridGames.ID – After revamping 3 Assassin heroes and several old heroes, Mobile Legends again announced revamping 4 Tank heroes.

In the latest update version 1.4.86 which was officially announced on June 15, 2022 yesterday, the four Tank heroes that were revamped were Gatotkaca, Balmond, Hilda and Johnson.

The revamp of the Tank Mobile Legends hero this time only made adjustments to the skills possessed by each hero.

In terms of appearance, the four Tank heroes are still the same, aka there is no change.

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The popularity of the four Tank Mobile Legends heroes is indeed ups and downs.

However, among the four, Gatotkaca and Hilda are now very rarely seen in the Land of Dawn.

While Johnson and Balmond are still stable in Classic and Rank Mode.

Well, with this revamp, will the four Tank Mobile Legends heroes be Over Power aka OP?

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Instead of guessing, just know the explanation of the revamp of the four Tank heroes below. Check this out!


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