Wow! There is a Skin Upgrade Event Using Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Skin Upgrade Event


Mobile Legends Skin Upgrade Event

GridGames.ID – In the 1.3.42 patch update, Mobile Legends will present an event called “Skin Upgrade” where you can change your hero’s skin by using diamonds.

The skin that applies in this event is the skin of the hero Gusion. So, you can change your Gusion “Moonlight Sonata” hero skin into a “Hairstylist” skin.

Gusion Mobile Legends' Moonlight Sonata Skin


Gusion Mobile Legends’ Moonlight Sonata Skin

The condition is that you must have a Gusion skin called Moonlight Sonata to participate in this event.

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So, the Moonlight Sonata skin will be converted to 135 diamonds during the upgrade event.

If you get a Hairstylist skin by upgrading a skin, then the skin you upgraded will be recycled.

Gusion Mobile Legends Hairstylist Skin


Gusion Mobile Legends Hairstylist Skin

This means that you will lose your Moonlight Sonata skin and cannot be reused, because your skin has become a Hairstylist skin.

The skin required for upgrading in the skin upgrade event and the skin carried out is a permanent skin.

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The price of upgrading the skin each round can change. You can often check the price on the event page, right?

The hero change period for this skin upgrade lasts for 7 days, and this time you can only upgrade Gusion’s Moonlight Sonata skin.


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