Wow! The Pillars Claymore Free Fire Division Officially Disbanded

A roster of the Free Fire division, The Pillars 'Claymore'.

The Pillars

A roster of the Free Fire division, The Pillars ‘Claymore’.

GridGames.ID – Shocking news came from a new esports team belonging to a top Indonesian musician.

Yep, there’s no mistaking it, the esports team in question is The Pillars Esports led by Ariel Noah.

The team, which was just formed earlier this year, was forced to disband one of its divisions, namely Free Fire.

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This was revealed directly by The Pillars through an upload on their Instagram account.

In the upload, The Pillars thanked their Free Fire division for their struggle so far.

It was not stated what was the cause of the disbandment of The Pillars Claymore.

Some fans of The Pillars suspect that one of the main factors causing the disbandment of the Free Fire division was due to performance problems.

The Pillars Claymore was deemed unable to meet the expectations of management.

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