Wow! PSP and PS3 Online Store Services Will Be Closed This Year

GridGames.ID – It is reported that the online shop for the PSP, PS Vita will be closed later this year along with the online shop for the PS3.

The report was verified by

According to TheGamer’s report, the PSP and PS3 online stores will be closed on July 2 and the Vita online store will be closed a month later on August 27 to be exact.

After the closure of online store services, users can no longer buy and download content on each of these platforms.

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According to USGamer, the PSP itself was first released in North America in 2005 and sold about 80 million units worldwide.

Then the PS Vita was released in 2011 and sold around 17 million units as of September 2022.

And for the PS3, which was released in 2006, features some compatibility between titles that can be played on the PSP and PS Vita.

Like several big games released around 2014 that can be played on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.


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