Wow! Niantic Announces Devices That Don’t Support Pokemon Go Anymore

Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2 will be held soon

Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2 will be held soon

GridGames.ID – Niantic has announced that some older iPhone and Android devices will no longer be compatible with Pokemon Go.

This update will roll out in October when it advances to version 0.189.

The type of smartphone that is no longer compatible later is the iPhone 6 and below.

And those of you who are still running on iOS 10, 11 and Android 5 versions will also not be compatible anymore to play Pokemon Go, guys.

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Pokemon Go Remote Raid Features

Pokemon Go Remote Raid Features

In other news regarding Pokemon Go, the Mega September event is currently underway and encouraging trainers to take part in Mega Raids.

To help with the event, Niantic is offering a limited time package, guys.

The package will contain 3 Remote Raid Passes which can be purchased for 1 PokeCoin.

This package will be available until September 30.

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