Wow! Inter Milan and Bali United Enter the World of Esports

Inter Milan Enters Esports World


Inter Milan Enters Esports World

GridGames.ID – Currently the world eSports has been very advanced both abroad and domestically.

Collaboration between certain companies or brands is one of the ways of promotion for each management esports.

Currently a football fan and esports have the same age, namely the millennial generation.

That’s why one of the world’s most famous football teams, Inter Milan, has collaborated with the team esports from Italy namely Team QLASH to form Inter | QLASH.

Team esports this one focuses on the games FIFA 20 and PES 2022 and they are getting ready to be present in eSerie A tournaments.

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Through the video above, it can be seen that soccer player Alessandro Bastoni will be the star.

Inter say that Alessandro Bastoni has something in common with the players from Inter | QLASH, which is young, talented, of Italian descent and known internationally.

Inter | The Qlash contains Diego “Crazy_Fat_Gamer” Campagnani and Luigi “Kirito_Yuuki_00” Loffredo.


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