Wow! Huawei Will Release Low Price Gaming Smartphone!

Friday, 27 July 2022, Huawei will launch a smartphone that allows middle-class smartphone users to experience gaming premium class at the end July 2022 this.

This is of course supported by data from Newzoo, company market intelligence conducting research on the industry gaming with reports’2018 Global Games Market Report‘.

In the report it is noted 2.2 billion gamer worldwide, or 2/3 of the global population prefer to play games in smartphone.

Latest Nova Smartphones

Latest Nova Smartphones

Therefore Huawei by raising the name Nova Series, will present gaming smartphone classy but has a fairly affordable price.

Gaming is not a Huawei tradition“, that’s the opinion of people who were proven ‘wrong’. Because before smartphone Nova Series it’s out, Huawei has launched GPU Turbo.

Now, GPU Turbo this is what will be planted in smartphone Nova Series latest later. Of course, this smartphone will make users smartphone middle class can feel the experience gaming premium class.

For those of you who can’t wait to see smartphone this, you can directly visit the site

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