Wow! Boston Red Sox Baseball Club Bans Players from Playing Fortnite

GridGamesID – The reigning Major League Baseball champions, the Boston Red Sox are again in a rough patch this season.

One of the unique steps taken by the club to improve team performance is to ban the Fortnite game from their club dormitory.

The club considers playing the game Fortnite to make players lose focus and be unproductive.

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As a result, now the Boston Red Sox are struggling in the Eastern league.

One of the players, Nathan Eovaldi, also admitted that players can still calmly play Fortnite even though they lost in a baseball game.

Actually, these Red Sox players have been ‘addicted’ to Fortnite for a long time.

Starting from player David Price who has experienced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to playing Fortnite too often.

A little info, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a health disorder that attacks the wrist muscles.


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