Would you like to update Genshin Impact Patch 1.2, which will be released after Zhongli?

Update Schedule Banner Genshin Impact Patch 1.2, Who Will Release After Zhongli?

1.2 The release date of the Genshin Impact patch update is approaching. A leak occurred from the Instagram account of Genshin Impact player @ r.vansa regarding the schedule banner for patch 1.2.

Genshin Impact itself is a free action role-playing game (RPG) game developed by miHoYo. The developers of miHoYo are well known for their previous game, Honkai Impact 3.

In Update 1.2, two new 5 star characters will appear to fill the gacha banner in the future.

The first banner, which appears on December 23, 2022, will display a five-star character named Albedo. You can find out about leaked updates here.

Source: yt Mattjestic Multi Gaming

Apart from the albedo, there is Rosala, a four-star character who has a cryo-element and uses pole weapons.

The next banner, which appears on May 13, 2022, shows Ganyu, a five-star character with a Cryo element and an arrow (archer) weapon. There is also a four-star character with a pyro element, Fu Tao, who uses polearm weapons.

Then, where is Xiao, who is expected to be a supernatural power who is active as a DPS, heading? For Xiao, the release date has not yet been updated. There are a lot of character leaks everywhere.

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Therefore, in the next 1.2 update, the schedule banner will release the latest 5-star characters Albedo and Ganyu, and the latest 4-star characters Rosara and HuTao.

You can also check the hints of Genshin Impact Gacha here, so you can get the character you want.

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