Would you like an auto-foot service? Here is the estimated cost

LIMAPAGI – The most convenient way to vacation outside the city is by car. In order to maximize comfort while driving, the vehicle must have powerful suspension. to go through all types of terrain including bumpy roads.

However, a car that is forced to constantly break down on rough roads will suffer leg damage. This condition results in vehicle owners having to prepare replacement costs.

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“If the legs of the car are damaged, the vehicle owner must spend at least 3 million IDR,” said Anjas Marbun, owner of Bejis Motorwerkstatt, when asked by Limapagi.id on Wednesday, September 29, 2022.

According to Anjas, the damaged legs usually make a squeak or the steering wheel is difficult to steer. The owner can also feel when the component is damaged.

“As a result, the car usually sways and makes strange noises under the car. The driver also feels that the steering wheel has a problem, ”says Anjas again.

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While the damaged components are usually short tierod, long tierod, sleeve arm, shock absorber, and steering gear. The price of all of these parts is usually expensive.

“Usually (the problem is) short tierod, long tierod, socket arm, shock absorber and steering gear. If you replace it with a new one, the price is huge, but you can use an old one, ”he explained.

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