Without Shoes and Mana, This is the Sickest Fanny Build in Mobile Legends

Fanny Mobile Legends

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Fanny Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Fanny, this assassin role hero is a Charge/Reap specialist who moves down each lane with a rope.

Fanny also doesn’t need mana, but it is replaced with energy that will decrease if the ropes are used more often.

Fanny’s energy will increase again if she reduces the use of the rope, guys.

This assassin hero is very, very sick if he is always baited with monster buffs, especially if in the early game, Fanny is solo in the mid lane.

Besides you have to know these tactics, you also have to know what build items can make Fanny feel sicker.

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Here GridGames gives a recommendation to build the item that hurts Fanny!

Build Hurt Fanny

Screenshots of Mobile Legends

Build Hurt Fanny

1. Bloodlust Ax

Fanny doesn’t need shoes, because she moves with a rope, guys.

So, Bloodlust Ax is the first item you have to buy if you use Fanny’s hero.

You can get 70 Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction from this item.

In addition, this item has the uniqueness of being able to add 20% Spell Vamp as well.

2. Rose Gold Meteor

60 Physical Attack and 30 Magical RES will be added from this item.

Specially, there is an additional 5% Lifesteal if you buy this item, guys.

3. Blade of the Heptaseas

So that the attacks from Fanny’s swords hurt, you can add 75 Physical Attack in the Blade of the Heptaseas item.

In addition, you can also add HP Fanny by 300.

Uniquely, Fanny’s skill will reduce the target’s Physical Defense by 25 for 3 seconds.

4. Athena’s Shield

For Fanny’s survival, 900 HP and 20 HP Regen are added from this item.

So that Fanny is immune enough to magic attacks from hero mages, you can get 56 Magic RES in Athena’s Shield.

5. Antique Cuirass

You can get 920 HP as well as 54 Armor which is important for Fanny’s life from this item.

Plus 30 HP Regen so Fanny can survive enough.

6. Immortality

Well, this last item is an item that is usually used for tank heroes, but Fanny also needs it.

You can get 800 HP and 40 Magic RES from Immortality items.

Uniquely, Fanny can live again from her death and her HP increases by 15% and gets a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

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That’s the item that hurts Fanny’s recommendation from GridGames so that the Fanny you use can add GG for sure.


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