Without Justice, Alter Ego Beat 10S Gaming Frost 2-0 in M2 Playoffs

GridGames.ID – Alter Ego Esports managed to beat 10S Gaming Frost 2-0 on the first day of the M2 World Championship Playoffs.

Playing without Udil, in fact, is not an obstacle for Alter Ego to show the best performance.

Caesius, who was lined up as his replacement, was able to play nicely throughout the match.

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10S Gaming Frost isn’t really without a fight. They had mastered the game in the early minutes of game 1.

However, the untidy position when doing war with Alter Ego, made 10S Gaming Frost lose control.

Meanwhile, Alter Ego plays very organized.

Playoff Stats M2 Game 1 Alter Ego vs 10S Gaming Frost.

YouTube/MPL Indonesia

Playoff Stats M2 Game 1 Alter Ego vs 10S Gaming Frost.

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Changing positions in each lane was so neat, that it made it difficult for 10S Gaming Frost to penetrate.

Yam became the star of Alter Ego in the first game, with a record of 10 kills and 6 assists.

Using the hero Yu Zhong, he is often the key to Alter Ego’s success in winning the war.


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