Winning Over Alter Ego, This Is An Exciting Talk With BTR Rippo and Bottle

Successfully paying for their previous defeat, BTR Alpha triumphed over Alter Ego Esports in MPL ID S9 W7D1. With comeback nice in games the first two to arrive mid gameswas dominated by his opponent, the red robot team performed brilliantly today.

Representing the team, BTR Bottle and Rippo attended post-match interview routine with media partner and have a nice chat.

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BTR Rippo Bottle 1

One of the questions asked asked if BTR Alpha still needed BTR Branz in this MPL ID S9. As you know, this red robot team was in the red zone some time ago.

This was followed by various statements saying that Bigetron still needed it jungler that one. However, this was flatly denied.

Branz, yes, if you need Branz or not. I still believe in Maxxx more. Isn’t it Branz already? out also, so that’s all there is. Trust more players who are active now,” said BTR Bottle and Rippo nodded.

The existence of Branz previously had indeed been an advantage for the Bigetron team. However, Bottle’s answer is very correct, in that he looks more at who is in sight and actively supports the team, rather than expecting those who have already left.

Talking about players who are still active, BTR Rippo was asked about the difference between Bottle and Renbo. Managed to take down Alter Ego along with teammates sitting with him in interview Here are the main differences between the two that Rippo shared.

Bottle is mechanically strong, but it doesn’t have a brain,” joked BTR Rippo. “Joking, there is a little brain, but he is more focused on mechanics. It’s different from Renbo we know what it’s like.”

The BTR Alpha game with Bottle as a member today (1/4/2022) is indeed very interesting. It shows consistent play. However, many of them still feel that BTR needs Renbo. Hopefully, slick game mechanics from midlaner this one could change that opinion.

With this victory, BTR Alpha has risen to the MPL ID S9 standings and its position is getting stronger to advance to the next round playoffs. Let’s continue to support this red robot team!

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