Windows 11 Brings Xbox Series X/S Gaming Features to PC, Pamper Gamers!

gaming feature announcement in Windows 11


gaming feature announcement in Windows 11

GridGames.ID – Microsoft officially announced Windows 11 and all its features on Thursday morning (25/6).

One of the interesting news for gamers is that Windows 11 is certain to bring Xbox Series X/S gaming features on the PC platform.

Although not all Xbox gaming features are present in Windows 11, important Xbox gaming features are definitely present in Windows 11.

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Noted, there are 3 important gaming features Xbox Series X / S that will be present on PCs through Windows 11.

The 3 features in question are the Auto HDR feature, Direct Storage API, and Xbox Game Pass in the Windows Store.

Sarah Bond as Vice President of Xbox revealed that Windows 11 is the best Windows ever for playing games.

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Curious about the explanation of 3 Xbox gaming features on Windows 11?

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