Win the LPL 2022 Spring Split after JD Gaming beats the top | Spin

After the series ends League of Legends Best of Five In fierce competition, JD Gaming defeated Top Esports with a score of 3-2 in the LPL Spring Split China final to win the league’s first championship title.

Both teams are competing for the first championship title after defeating former world champions Invictus Gaming and Fan + Phoenix in the semi-finals.

Thanks Most Valuable Player (MPV) The final won support JD Gaming is Zuo “LvMaoMin Hao showed a great performance throughout the series. His Ult Bird in the final round of the final was one of the main reasons JDG won several teams and finished the final.

Source: LPL

In this final round, you can see how LPL talents compete and fight each other. JDG started the series with a win, but lost in a row in the next two games. TES was expected to be very likely to win 3 to 1 easily, but JDG decided to level the draw and bring it to Game 5.

In the 5th round of the Ocean Dragons battle, support From JDG, or LvMao, landed the properly placed ultimate bard and locked out two TES members, allowing JDG to run. war Just fight 3 TES players and win team battles.

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Source: LPL

Purchase Off-season JDG wasn’t doing well last year, finishing 8th in the Spring Split and 10th in the Summer Split, but it’s still doing well. JDG Acquires ADC Korea Lee “LoKeN“Dong-Wook, former world champion Goo”ImpSunbin left the team.

They use the new ADC to quickly destroy lower teams while fighting higher teams.Don’t forget to visit website To get the latest news about eSports

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