Will Sanz or Celiboy players kill the most MPL ID Season 6 up to Week 3?

Will Sanz or Celiboy players kill most of them until Week 3 MPL ID Season 6? Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 will soon enter Week 4 on Friday, September 4, 2022.

Week 4 MPLID Season 6 will run until Sunday (September 6, 2022). MPL ID A lot of statistical data is displayed from season 6 to 3 weeks.

Starting with the most frequently used and banned heroes, we will help the player with the most assists to the player with the most total kills up to the third week in MPL ID Season 6.

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Player with the most kills MPLID Season 6-3 Week

1. ONIC Sanz

Onic Sanz MPL ID Season 6
Photo courtesy of ONIC Esports

The first is ONICEsports’ Hyper Carry, or Sanz, imported from Victim Esports. This player was able to score 92 kills in a total of 12 games.

2. Alter Ego Seriboy

Seriboy refused to persuade AP and Lemon at RRQ
Via photo: Instagram Celiboy

The second is Seriboy, nicknamed “Miracle Boy”. This Alter Ego Hyper Carry scored 90 kills in a total of 13 games he played.

3. Bigetron Alpha Brands

BTR Brands, MPL Season 5 BTR Brands

In third place was Bigetron Alpha’s hypercarry Brands, who scored 72 kills in 12 games through the third week of MPL ID Season 6.

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4. Genflix Aero Wolf Watt


The top four list was closed by Watt, who previously played Hyper Carry, but is now changing its role to Genfrix Aerowolf’s Off-Frenner. Watt achieved 53 kills in a total of 15 games.

ONIC Sanz performed truly exceptionally, with Celiboy being the player with the most kills after Sanz until the third week of MPL ID Season 6.

Will this list shift at the end of the fourth week of MPL ID Season 6? For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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