WiFi Optimizer Galaxy Note20 Series, Strong Signal Playing Games So Stable

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

GridGames.ID – Signal strength is one of the important aspects that can affect someone in playing games.

If the signal that is captured and transmitted is strong, then playing games will be more comfortable.

Not only strong, the signal must also be stable so as not to interfere with the game.

In order to meet the needs of gamers for this, Samsung also presents the Galaxy Note20 Series.

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The latest flagship of the Galaxy Note20 series not only supports user productivity, but is also capable of playing games.

Starting in terms of chipset performance, display design, and several other features have supported the device to be comfortable to play games.

One of the things that has also been embedded into the device is WiFi 6 technology which is equipped with an optimizer.

WiFi 6 is the latest technology that brings significant improvements to captured connections.

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This technology can meet the needs of gamers who require high bandwidth.

Then, WiFi 6 also has an optimizer that can optimize device latency.

So the possibility of a choked signal on the Galaxy Note20 Series will be very small.

How not, WiFi 6 has a maximum speed of up to 9.6Gbps in use.

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When compared to WiFi 5, the speed is very much different.

Plus, WiFi 6 already supports 4x the bandwidth, which means how many devices are connected, it won’t affect the network speed of the Galaxy Note20 Series.

Users can also play games with high-quality graphics anywhere.

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The signal that is captured and transmitted by WiFi 6 is guaranteed to be more stable than the previous generation.

This means that users can play games comfortably on the Galaxy Note20 Series without fear of experiencing poor signal interference or stuttering.

The Galaxy Note20 Series itself can now be ordered by pre-order through the official website www.galaxylaunchpack.com.


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