Why Wagah is the best freefire pet in 2022

As many spinners already know, the big OB23 FF update is here on July 29, 2022! This update brings many new things that didn’t exist in battle royale games. .. One of the things many are discussing is the new pets included in this update. The pet’s name is Mr. Wagah and many people really like the skills he has. In this article, SPIN Esports says Mr. Waggor is the best FF pet in 2022 Free Fire!

Mr. Overview Wagah

Best Pet FF 2022 Mr. Wagah

Mr. Waggor is a pet modeled after a penguins. But who made the design?Wagah is different from others because he wears cool fashion clothes Street..He wears sunglasses, bandana and shoes sneakers, And a green jacket.

Mr. Waggor has a special skill called Smooth Gloo that can give players a gel grenade or glue wall every 100-120 seconds. This pet will provide one gel grenade if there are two or less gel grenades (depending on Mr. Waggor’s level).

Reason. Waggor is the best pet in Free Fire FF 2022

Best Pet FF 2022 Mr Waggor

Mr Waggor is the first pet to offer items on Free Fire. Previously, there were no pets in FF that could give items. Most of them buffed character stats and items such as additional damage, speed, and defense. Of course, Mr. This sway is very useful, especially at the end of the game.

Mr. Waggor also offers a greater advantage than other Free Fire pets. The pet that SPIN Esports finds to have useful skills is Falco, but this pet skill can only be used at the start of a match if you want to land quickly. However, Mr. Wagah is very important as it can be used during the match.

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Glow wall is also a very important item in the current Free Fire meta. These items will help you win the battle and you will need them from start to finish. If you wave with him and you, you no longer have to worry about the Gloo Wall running out. This penguins pet is the key to your boobies.
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