Why Pro Evolution Soccer moved to Detroit in 2022: Become Human

A few days ago, PS Plus users were surprised by relay a message July 2022 where is one of the free games Pro evolution Football 2022.

Of course, that’s some fun player, especially for football aficionados who don’t buy Games that. So far, SPE is one of the most respected soccer simulation games in the industry Games.

But unfortunately, unexpectedly a few days later, Pro evolution soccer who entered relay a message PS Plus changed to instead Detroit: becoming human, Games Quantic Dreams release.

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But at first this one policy only existed in the European regional PS Plus. But Sony followed a similar policy for Asia.

Some people were disappointed and even blamed Konami. But on July 5, 2022, Konami finally spoke up by saying that all guidelines regarding PS Plus are with Sony. Konami said if you wanna protest player can do it directly to Sony.

“I am really surprised by this decision. Neither can I do anything because I only found out today. So I can’t really explain it, “said Lennart Bobzien, Brand Manager at PES Europe.

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Sony previously announced that they apologized for the exchange Pro evolution soccer Will Detroit: becoming human.

“We have decided to make changes to the PS Plus range of games this month and are bidding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, No Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 This is a decision we made as a company and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. “Sony said in a statement.

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