Why Paquito is so often featured in MPLS7 even though Winrate is small!

Why Paquito is so often featured in MPLS7 even though Winrate is small!

Paquito is enough hero to pick up in MPL Season 7 this time. As a new hero, Paquito has a powerful ability with considerable damage and strong CC.

However, in MPL Season 7, although it is often selected, 22 times, The winning percentage of this hero is very small, that is 40.9%.

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what is the reason? Here, SPIN Esports tries to analyze why Paquito’s many picks are behind, even with low win rates.

Big damage

Previously, it was explained that Paquito as a new hero has a lot of damage, and with a good combo, Paquito can reduce more than half of the enemy’s HP.

This is the first reason this hero is still trusted to be selected for MPL Season 7.

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Powerful crowd control

Apart from the damage, Paquito also has powerful cloud control (CC) by strengthening skills from passive, such as Ultimate with knockup.

Even that alone, the combo after the CC hit from Ultimate will do a lot of damage.

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Can play two different roles

Paquito MPL Season 7
Source: uhdpaper.com

Paquito is now trusted to act as a flannel and tank. Of course, as an off-flaner, Paquito, who has great damage ability, becomes stronger one-on-one.

As a tank, due to the fast roaming with Skill 2 with a short CD and Ultimate’s strong CC, of ​​course, Paquito is very annoying as a tank.

In early draft topics, the choice of Paquito certainly outweighs the enemy, Paquito Offlanner or Tank, right?

These are three reasons why Paquito was doing well in MPL Season 7 despite his low win rate.

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