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Southeast Asia’s Largest Mobile Legends Tournament, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022, will be held from June 12-14, 2022. Indonesia has two teams, the RRQ Hoshi (MPL Indonesia Season). Represented by 5) Champions and EVOS Legends (second place MPL Indonesia season 5).

Unfortunately, MSC 2022 is at risk of being postponed or canceled due to the pandemic situation of the coronavirus (Covid-19), which still plagues the world. Therefore, MSC 2022 may be postponed or canceled if the Covid-19 pandemic does not improve.

Then surely Spinner Why isn’t MSC going online like Season 5 of MPL Indonesia?

Source: Team RRQ

The main problem is ping Of course, it is not the same in every country.This makes the teams participating in MSC 2022 uncomfortable Fair Of course it is easy to interfere.Also “leaked” by Donkey..

“This is the information I heard at MSC Cancel. May be Cancel Because PingNot everything is the same, so some teams don’t feel that way Fair Because PingIt’s not all the same. When did the donkey say To do Live stream..

problem Ping When held online, connectivity is a major issue, and it is the largest competition in Southeast Asia, with participants not in the same region but in the same country. This is because there are differences in internet connection depending on the country.

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Source: MSC

Due to this issue, MSC 2022 seems to be postponed or even discontinued if the Covid-19 pandemic does not end immediately. Spinners, if MSC 2022 is really postponed or canceled, I don’t think you’ll get entertainment from the big Mobile Legends tournaments for quite some time.

For the Indonesian team, it was Evos and RRQ that definitely qualified.Don’t forget to visit website Contact us to get the latest news about eSports.

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