Why Lius Andre Resigns from Moonton

The shocking news came from the territory of Mobile Legends Indonesia, where one of Indonesia’s key figures in the Mobile Legends ecosystem, Lius Andre, was reported to have decided to resign from Moonton.

Lius Andre’s resignation from Moonton means he has also resigned from the position of Esports Manager at Moonton Indonesia. This information was obtained from Lius Andre’s Instagram account, which uploaded the video on May 31, 2022.

The uploaded video contains the story of Lius Andre, who was only a bystander until he became a key figure in the development of Indonesia’s Mobile Legends ecosystem in 2022.

Source: ONE Esports

At the end of the video, he decided to quit Moonton. However, no further information is given as to why he resigned from Moonton. When asked by Spin eSports, Lius Andre explained why he left Moonton.

“The reason is that I’m afraid to be trapped in the comfort zone and start pursuing a higher career for the future. I resigned at Moonton not because of conflict or problems. In fact, Moonton is like my second home and his colleagues are like family. I wish you all the best in the future, “Lius Andre explains to Spin eSports. Did.

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Source: Instagram Lius Andre

When asked about what Lius Andre would do in the future, he said he was still contributing to the world of Indonesian esports.

“Wait a surprise about this, brothers. But if more or less still allowed, we will continue to contribute to the world of esports. He concludes. To get the latest eSports news. Remember to keep visiting our website.

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