Why FF players always want DJ Alok give away!

Free Fire Battleground is a unique battle royale game with characters with various skills. Therefore, some Free Fire characters are more popular than others. The most popular FF character right now is arguably DJ Alok! This character is so famous that many FF players have seen DJ Alok in official Free Fire events, social media influencers, and professional player FF youtube videos. I’m asking for a present. In this article, SPIN Esports explains why FF players always ask for DJ Alok gifts.

DJ Alok’s FF character skills

DJ Alok has the skill that many FF players consider to be OP (Overpowered). His skill is called “Drop the Beat” and can speed up his movements while running and can also heal him when the skill is still active.

Of course, this skill is very useful at any time, especially when fighting other players. When using Alok characters, you don’t have to stop using medkit when you get injured, just activate your skill and you can continue to recover while running at high speed.

Alok has two very useful skills, other characters may have only one skill, and that skill may not be useful.

Very convenient in rank mode

In the current meta rank, there are only a few FF characters that can help you get a Booyah, but of course Alok is one of them. DJ Alok’s skills are beneficial to you and others, so you can combine them with any character when playing Squad Rank mode.

Popularity of DJ Alok’s original characters

Dj Alok FF present

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DJ Alok is a FF character based on the famous Brazilian DJ named Alok. Alok’s popularity in Brazil is no doubt anymore, but did you know that he is a fan of Free Fire himself?

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DJ Alok is the face of Brazil’s Free Fire because he often plays and streams Free Fire on the FF Brasil website. Therefore, this makes his characters in Alok and Free Fire even more attractive in FF.

Alok characters are not free

DJ Alok FF present

To get a DJ Alok character, you must either purchase it using Diamonds or wait for an event where Alok will be rewarded when you complete a mission.

Many FF players aren’t interested in withdrawing money from their wallets, so many FF players ask Garena, FF influencers, and professional players to give away DJ Alok characters.

That’s why FF players are always looking for DJ Alok character gifts! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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