Why Evos Wann changed roles at the start of MPL Season 6 Then!

Wann, a megastar at Evos Legends, revealed a surprising reason for the change of role in MPL S6 a while back.

For those of you who didn’t know that Wan changed roles in Evos Legends at the beginning of MPL Season 6 before.

From the Carry / Midlaner role to the Offfrener role, he swapped locations with Rekt.

His performance as an off-Frenner was very satisfying and was not a problem given that he played this role in his previous team.

In this regard, Wann recently made public why he changed roles in the early weeks of MPL Season 6.

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evos wann mpl

This is what he said exclusively in the Evos TV video a while back.

“Let’s feel all the lanes. In my opinion, it’s okay at the beginning of the regular season. After all, when I was still playing offlane, I was playing the core when ranking. So I didn’t forget it, “Wann said in the video.

Of course, the reason is very surprising that Wan doesn’t think he can say that.

That’s true, given that all Mobile Legends pro players need to try to change roles to understand their respective roles that exist.

Wann himself helps Evos win all 6 MPL ID Season 6 games per week.

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