Why bots appear in Nerf in patch 1.0A LoL Wild Rift!

LoL Wild Lift Nerf Bot with patch 1.0A, why?

On November 11th, Riot Games released the latest 1.0A patch for the League of Legends Wild Rift.

The patch significantly weakened three powerful LoL WR champions, Ezreal, Blitzcrank, and Xin Zhao.

Interestingly, however, apart from the three champions, bots also suffer significant weakening from Riot Games.

The Spinners may be wondering, but why are Riot Games weakening bots?

Reasons for bots in Nerf!

All LoL Wildlift Champions

We found that many players reported that “practice mode” bots felt strong and could even be said to be too strong.

These bots have been reported to be able to do some things that only players who already have considerable abilities in Wild Rift can usually do.

Sure, the author tried practice mode before patch 1.0A was released, but it’s true that bots are very aggressive and very inconvenient for the author.

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The same thing happens with “Co-op Vs. AI” when the bot plays very unexpectedly and really annoys the player.

Of course, this doesn’t match the game design Riot Games wanted. The bot needs to be a simple target for players to experiment with several skill combinations to make them more relaxed and playable.

However, when the bot became too powerful, players became over-self-conscious and dissatisfied with the training tools.

Therefore, Riot Games adjusted the bot’s abilities by weakening the bot.

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Bot no longer feels annoying to players, so if your spinner wants to try out new champions or skills, don’t hesitate to play practice mode!

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