WHO finally officially recognizes game addiction as a mental disorder

Gaming Disorder as a result of game addiction


Gaming Disorder as a result of game addiction

GridGamesID – A few days ago we discussed about the WHO, which is investigating further about game addiction.

In the past year, the WHO has only classified game addiction into a list International Classification of Diseases (ICD-1) which still need to be monitored.

Since then, the phenomenon that the WHO calls “Gaming Disorder” is still being researched.

A few days ago to coincide with the 72nd World Health Assembly, WHO officially ratified the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11).

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Well, in the ICD-11, “Gaming Disorder” is officially listed as a mental disorder.

In that list, Gaming Disorder is considered to have an impact on mental, behavior and neurodevelopment.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of you experiencing Game Disorder include:


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