Whisper Of The Heart Sequel Postponed

Sequel Whisper of the Heart (Mimi o Sumaseba) which is a continuation of the manga story of the same name, has reportedly been delayed in production.

The iconic Ghibli Animated Movie

Whisper of the Heart or in Japanese known as Mimi o Sumaseba, maybe not a foreign title for fans of animated films Studio Ghibli. Apart from the theme song Country Road the charming Japanese version, this film is also known as the debut of one of its iconic characters, namely the gentleman cat, Baron. So popular Baron In this animation, in addition to the 2002 manga and film spinoffs, some promotional material Whisper of the Heart looks more show Baron in the picture. For those who have never seen the film, by looking at the poster, they might think this is some kind of fantasy story Alice in Wonderland, despite the fact Whisper of the Heart is a teenage slice of life drama.

Sequel to Whisper of the Heart 1995 Animation Poster

Anime movies and manga Whisper of the Heart myself tell about Tsukishima Shizuku who loves to read and loves to write. One day, he found out that all the books he borrowed, were books that had been borrowed by a student named Amasawa Seiji. Shizuku, who finally met Seiji, didn’t really like the boy at first, until she finally got to know him better. From that introduction, he learned about Seiji’s dream to become luthier expert (string instrument maker and repairman), which made Shizuku more focused on what she wanted.

Sequel to Whisper of the Heart = Live Action

Sequel Whisper of the Heart itself is a continuation of the original manga which became the basis of the animated film adaptation. Manga of the same name and written by Aoi Hiiragi this, first published in 1989 in shojo majalah magazine Ribon. And although there is a sequel to the manga which was published in 1995 and titled Mimi o Sumaseba: Shiwase no Jikan (Whisper of the Heart: Happy Time), story in movie sequel Whisper of the Heart This will take place 10 years after the end of the manga’s story.

original manga and its sequels

In the synopsis of the story that has been reported to the public, in the film in the form of Live Action it is told that Shizuku, which will be played by Nana Seino (After the Rain, Totto-Chan), is now not pursuing his dream as a writer, but working as an editor for children’s books. On the other hand, Seiji who will be played by Matsuzaka Tori (Shinkenger, Gatchaman), still pursuing his dream of becoming an expert luthier overseas. With the distance separating them and their visions of a different dream, their closeness faded.

Whisper of the Heart Shizuku sequel by Nana Seino
Nana Seino as adult Shizuku

The reason the sequel to Whisper of The Heart was postponed

For reasons of delaying sequel production Whisper of the Heart This is, of course, related to the epidemic Covid-19 which makes travel between countries illegal. This is a crucial factor due to the need for overseas shooting related to the story Seiji. Production postponement of sequel film directed by Hirakawa Yuichiro (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, ROOKIES) this, of course, also has an impact on the release date which at the same time as this announcement has also been confirmed to have been postponed.

Seiji's Whisper of the Heart Sequel
Matsuzaka Tori as Adult Seiji

So how Mobidachi? Which of you is a fan of animation Ghibli Whisper of the Heart? What do you think about this live action sequel? Leave your comments below.

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