When will the M2 World Championship 2022 (Mobile Legends) be held?

When will the M2 World Championship 2022 (Mobile Legends) be held during the Covid-19 pandemic?

After the MPL ID Season 6 event that just ended the other day, the RRQ Hoshi team was released as a champion.

Attention is focused on the world’s premier mobile legends event at the end of 2022.

This event is none other than the M2 World Championship 2022, competing for all the best mobile legend teams from different parts of the world.

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Is it true that the 2022 M2 World Championship will be held?

Doubts about the implementation of M2 2022 are raised by the COVID-19 pandemic that still exists around the world.

However, this meant that the event was properly implemented, with several rejections by casters such as Clara Mongstar who asked the RRQ team about M2 2022.

When and where will the 2022 M2 World Championships be held?

Then, if the M2 World Championship 2022 is properly implemented, follow the schedule of last year’s M1 World Championship 2022.

After that, M2 2022 is most likely to be held next month. November / December 2022 future.

This is followed by dozens of the best Mobile Legends teams from around the world. So where will this event take place?

M2 World Championship 2022
Photos via Mobile Legends

As for that information, it is still undecided whether to hold an M2 event here, as the host Indonesia (Jakarta) is currently in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Who is the Indonesian national team for the 2022 M2 World Championship?

Is it still unclear whether the 2022 M2 system will send two representatives like last year or just one team this year?

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Final result mpl Season 6 rrq Alternate
Photo by mpl

Which will be the MPL champion for one team and the RRQ star for two teams? RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego are finalists for MPL Season 6.

But Looking at the news that has been circulating recently, the M2 2022 Mobile Legends are likely to be represented by RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego.

It’s interesting to wait for the latest news from the M2 World Championship 2022, so no official information has been released, so stay tuned for more information here.

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