When Are Video Snacks On Again? Here’s the Answer!

When is Video Snack Active Again

When is Video Snack Active Again – Many people or users regret the blocking of money-sharing activities by the Snack Video application. Even though what Snack Video did did not harm users

The government through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) said that what Snack Video did was an act of Money Game. In fact, no one was harmed in this activity. Snack Video will get many users and users will earn money

This is not a fraudulent investment or a gambling site where users are required to top up or top up their balance. Without capital, just by inviting new users and watching videos, anyone has a golden opportunity to earn money from this application

So it’s not surprising that when Kominfo blocked the money-sharing activity carried out by Snack Video, many people felt disappointed and didn’t understand. Maybe one of the people who are disappointed and still don’t understand the reason for the blocking is you.

Now of course you want to know and question When is Video Snack Active Again. If you really want to know and are also curious about what is the title of this news, then you can read this article further so that you can understand

When is the Video Snack Application Active Again?

So far the Snack Video application is already active and can also be reused. However, the existing coin icon does not rotate and cannot make money anymore. So now this app is like TikTok. We can only use without generating.

If you have a lot of followers, of course you can make money by opening endorsements. However, this method is very difficult to do and also takes a long time. Of course, you want Snack Video to be able to open money back

Surely you are curious and also want to know about when Snack Video is active again in terms of sharing money. At least if we can’t share the balance money that expands in this application, we can take it. Of course it’s a shame if we can’t take it

Until now there is no certainty whether this application can generate money back or not. It is said that the application developer is completing the requirements requested by the OJK so that this application is not labeled as a Money Game.

Can Video Snacks Still Make Money?

If there is still no certainty about when Snack Video is active again to be able to make money. So there will be no certainty if this application can make money back. Of course, one way we can do it is to wait for certainty and surrender

If you still want to earn money from the application. Then you can use other money-making applications. In our previous post, there are many applications that we can use to make money. You can try it while waiting for the Snack Video

Of course we both hope that there are more applications like Snack Video that are legal and not complicated in terms of making money instantly. Hopefully all of our hopes can be realized well without any obstacles and obstacles.

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There are still many reviews or discussions about the Snack Video application that we have shared in the previous post. Now your task is to read the previous post so that you get a lot of information about this application

That’s what we can share and also present to you about When Video Snack is Active Again. Hopefully by reading this article you can get what you expect and also this application can make money back

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