What’s new in Free Fire Max 4.0!

What’s new in Free Fire Max 4.0!

To you as a game fan Free fire (FF)Of course, you are already familiar with the latest version Free Fire Max..

The latest game developed by Galena is currently a hot topic among fans of mobile battle royale games.

For those who don’t know, FF Max promises to bring high quality graphics and a more enjoyable playing experience to FF players.

On an external server, FFMax entered the version Free Fire Max 4.0, Completed the previous 3.0 version.

Want to know what new updates will be offered to this new version of FFMax? Let’s see!

Free Fire Max 4.0 update!

After the release of the new update, many Indonesians tried to get into this FF Max.

Some additions will appear in the latest updates, but not many, but there are some changes in gameplay.

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Better graphics

Source: Youtube Rendy Rangers

Of course, you won’t escape the graphic changes that Galena has provided to players.

The details of the FF Max game are much better than the previous 3.0 version, and the movement is smooth.

If the HDR settings are starting to appear and the device manages them properly, then you can see the changes in the FF Max graphics.

Read again: Free FireMax 4.0 has been released. Download and play using this server.

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Bullet holes on the wall

Source: Youtube Rendy Rangers

When firing a bullet at a wall, bullet holes will now remain.

This addition tells you if the area was previously a war.

The bullet holes on the wall are not very long, which is evidence of an enemy nearby.

New display settings

When you open the FF Max settings, there are already a lot of extras you can turn on, such as: HD textures, visual effects, login videos, Other.

As mentioned above, if your device is suitable, try turning on the provided HD textures feature.

Also, if you log in before entering the game, you will see an animated movie Video login.

That’s the addition of this Free Fire Max 4.0 update. Would you like to give it a try?

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