What’s new in Advance Server FF OB24

Interested in the content of Advance Server FF OB24?

Free fire (FF) Finally, the player has started access to enter the new Advance Server.

This time, go ahead with Server FF and try out updates from the new OB24 and many new features.

Since we started accessing September 10, 2022 Previously, many people were lining up to get into Advance Server.

This server only lasts for a week to the stairs September 17, 2022 later.

Now, for those of you who haven’t been able to reach the new FF Advance Server before, take a look here!

What’s new in the new Advance server?

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What’s new in Advance Server FF OB24

Two new characters

Dasha FF

Regarding the characters that will appear later, Jai, Surely you already know about kbar

However, this latest Advance Server has two new character leaks. Dasha And Sverr..

Sver FF

They are known to have very useful skills to get Booyah in your game!

These two characters have been entered on this server, along with Jai, who will appear in the next update.

It is not known if the two characters will appear at the same time as Jai.

Of course, everyone has to wait for the release of this very cool new character!

New pet: Rocky

Rocky FF

Advance Server will show you new pets that will come up later.

The pet’s name is Rocky and looks like a brown weasel in a punk outfit.

With its cute green hair, this pet can do it Reduced active skill cooldown Your character.

New lobby look!

You will definitely be amazed at the appearance of the lobby, which will appear later in the latest update.

You’ll be amazed at the cool views of the building under construction and the Booyah on the floor.

On top of that, there’s new music that accompanies us while we’re in the lobby.

Map of Bermuda remastered in classic mode

This advanced server opens the remastered Bermuda map in classic mode.

So, if you update later, you can fight with the long-awaited map!

New emotes

There is a new emote that will appear in the later released OB24 update Free Fire.

Some of these emotes have never appeared in the game and are perfect for use.

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