What’s in The Admiral War of Genesis Info

Have you ever entered Admiral The War of Genesis Info and don’t know what to do? You can enter Admiral info by clicking on your profile picture icon on the top left. Well, there’s actually a lot you can do here. But if you don’t know, let’s invite you to play, who knows, you’ll be more enthusiastic about being the Admiral.

Ship and Unit Status

What's in The Admiral War of Genesis Info

In Admiral Info, you can see various statuses related to your ships and units. The rest of your point content can be seen at the top so you know how many more times you can arena, dark armor or dungeon ruins.

The status of upgrading facilities, heroes, research, to the buff control room is all here. You can also click the status button as your short cut. For example, if you want to level up a hero, just click on the empty hero column.

Admiral Info

What's in The Admiral War of Genesis Info

Now in this tab you can see more complete info on admiral the war of genesis. Let’s explain from the top to the bottom image. Stamina is used to hunt monsters. Peace shield points are points needed to use peace shields.

PK (Player Killer) points are used to attack and get loot from other admirals. Collect ore is used to take ore in the field. If you press the plus button, you can fill in points, unless it’s full, you can’t refill it again.

Show Statistics

What's in The Admiral War of Genesis Info

In this last tab you can see the display of your game statistics from the start. Starting from how many monsters you hunt, total win machina, statistics against dark armor, to pvp and dungeon raids. You can also see how much time you spend in this game so that you can manage your time better.

What is the explanation, if something is not clear please comment. If anyone hasn’t played yet, let’s play this cool game. For other tutorials, you can check here.

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