What You Must Know from PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

This May 19th, Pubg Mobile presents their latest update, 0.11.0 update. In this update PUBG Mobile has released a new mode, where this mode is a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil. Zombie Mode who were present using the same zombies as the zombies in the Resident Evil 2 game. Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode certainly invites a million challenges that we must overcome, for the sake of a piece of chicken dinner.

pubg mobile zombie mode

Number of Players

In zombie mode, the number of players who can join is only 60 people or about 15 Squads.

Map used

When viewed from the appearance, the map used in this feature is the erangel map.

Still Battle Royale

That’s right, this PUBG Mobile game is still a battle royale game. Even with the addition of zombie mode, you have to keep up with other players, and the safe zone circle is getting narrower. So don’t forget that this game is still a Battle Royale game

Day and night cycle

Because the title of this update has the tag line “Survive Till Dawn” aka surviving until dawn, then there will definitely be a day and night cycle. This cycle is used to indicate the stage in the game.

Zombies can also drop items and ammo

That’s right, if we manage to kill zombies, then we will get drop items that can be used directly just like when killing opponents / enemies.

Those are 5 things you must know in the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode game. If you have questions that are not clear, you can check directly in the game.

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