What will I lose if Free Fire (FF) resets the season?

What will I lose if Free Fire (FF) resets the season?

The news of Free Fire’s plans to bring the game back to Season 1 was as widespread as a wildfire.

Garena hasn’t confirmed or denied these rumors, but many FF players have panicked and are very worried.

This is because Free Fire is currently in its 27th Elite Pass season and will enter its 28th season within a week.

In its third year, FF already has more than 500 million players, and certainly many of them have a lot of what they’ve collected in the previous season.

With the news that Garena will reset the FF game back to Season 1, many FF players, new and veteran, are worried about the status of their accounts.

Do they lose their collection? In this article, SPIN Esports describes what you lose if FF resets the season.

What will I lose from my FF account if I reset the season?

FF reset season

According to the information obtained in the FF facebook group, if Free Fire (FF) really resets the game to Season 1, FF players will lose all the skins they already have from the vault or collection.

There’s no further explanation as to whether the only skins lost are weapon skins or the character’s costumes, but this seems to be the case for both.

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If a player loses all skins, this means that when playing in classic or rank mode, all players will wear the same outfit, the basic FF outfit.

What about FF characters?

FF reset season
FF character base skin

So far, there is no information about the loss of FF characters if the game is reset again.

So if FF returns to Season 1 again, players can continue to use their character with their skills.

This is lost when Free Fire resets the game to Season 1. Of course, you’ll have to wait for Garena to announce if this really happens.

So for now, FF is as usual, so spinners don’t have to panic! Stay up to date on eSports, follow Facebook & Instagram @SPIN_Esports and don’t forget to stay on our website Please.

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