What is Phishing? This is an explanation and tips to avoid it

Have you ever heard the word “Phishing“? Or have you been a victim of this cyber crime, and want to know what Phishing is?

Well, along with the times, cyber crimes are increasingly diverse and rampant.

Moreover, the lack of knowledge about cyber crime makes it easy for criminals to deceive their victims. So that many of the internet users in the world are victims of this one crime, guys.



Hacking is one of the most common cyber crimes. Well, in order to deceive the victim, usually Hackers (a term for people who do Hacking) use the method Phishing.

What is Phishing? Is it so dangerous that it is often used to commit crimes?

Calm down guys, I will discuss in detail about this Phishing method, and also I will discuss how to avoid it. So, take a good look!

What is Phishing?

What is Phishing - Phishing


Phishing is a fraudulent method to steal important information such as passwords or victim’s personal data with a specific purpose.

Usually the hackers will disguise themselves as organizations or trusted people, then send emails to victims that contain Phishing links.

The contents of the Phishing link are usually a fake login form or other fake forms on fake sites that are made to resemble the original site.

Usually hackers use login forms to social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

If the victim fills in his data in the fake form, the hacker will get the victim’s personal information.

In fact, when viewed from the fake site displayed, the site is not very similar to the original. However, because the victim is not careful and has no experience with phishing methods, they can be trapped.

Understanding Phishing

Understanding Phishing

Phishing itself is taken from the word Fishing (Fishing) which in this case means fishing for important information from the victim.

If you think this method is new nowadays, you are wrong guys. Because the Phishing method itself has existed since ancient times and was first used in 1996.

Hackers in those days used the Phishing method to steal user accounts AOL (American On-Line) and use the account to commit fraud.

The growing era of the Phishing method is not only through email, even now there are Phishing techniques through advertisements or social media.

Well, now you understand what Phishing is. Time Here, let’s discuss the types of Phishing that are often used by hackers.

Types of Phishing

There are various kinds of phishing guys, so it’s not just one type. But for the mode itself, it’s all the same, guys, which is to lure the victim to give her personal information.

So what are the types of Phishing?

1. Deceptive Phishing

What is Phishing - Deceptive Phishing

Deceptive Phishing

Deceptive Phishing is the most common type of phishing used by perpetrators to their victims.

The perpetrators will usually disguise themselves as other people or companies that the victim knows to obtain important information or confidential data of the victim.

There are two ways that can be used when using this phishing method. First, the perpetrator will pretend to be a representative of a company and ask for information from the victim.

Second, the perpetrator will insert a fake link in the email and if the victim fills in the data on the link, the perpetrator will be able to get information from the data.

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2. Spear Phishing

What is Phishing - Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is a Phishing method that targets its victims more. So the perpetrators will actually target their victims to send Phishing emails.

The victims can be individuals, organizations, or certain businesses. Well, the characteristics of Spear Phishing itself are that there is personal information about the victim such as name, position in the company, credit card or phone number.

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3. SMiShing

What is Phishing - SMiShing


You must have received a short message (SMS) containing an announcement that you won a lottery right?

Well, not only via email, Phishing can also be done via short messages like SMS, guys.

This technique is referred to as SMiShing. The method remains the same, where the perpetrator will pretend to be a trusted organization or company.

In the SMS, the perpetrator will usually tell the victim to click on a fake link, answer the SMS by providing certain information, or other things that can be used to retrieve information from the victim.

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4. Whale Phishing

What is Phishing - Whale Phishing

Whale Phishing

Whale Phishing is a type of phishing attack that is specifically targeted at victims who are rich, powerful, or famous.

The victims themselves are also known as Big Fish (Big Fish) or Whale (Whale). The tactics used are the same as Spear Phishing.

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Tips to Avoid Phishing

How to Avoid Phishing

How to Avoid Phishing

After we discussed the types of Phishing, maybe you already understand a little about what phishing is, right.

Then how do we avoid this cyber crime? Relax, I will tell you some tips to avoid Phishing.

  • If someone sends a link to your email for any reason, first make sure the email URL is correct, otherwise never click on the link.
  • If you have already clicked on the link, and it contains a form that you must fill out, do not fill it in using your personal data. Again you have to note the URL is correct.
  • If you receive an email from a source you actually know but suspect, contact the source via a new email or other contact.
  • Never display publicly accessible personal information such as on Social Media.

The final word

Those are some explanations about what Phishing is. How? Do you understand what Phishing is and how to avoid it.

Hopefully reading this article can add to your insight about this cyber crime, guys.

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